At the initial visit, the client will receive a proper explanation of foods to avoid and those that are acid or mucous forming and detrimental to the human condition, as well as a Detox Manual with detailed information (included in the initial visit at no additional charge). 


​​Of the utmost importance is the use of herbal formulas in aiding and speeding up the detoxification process. Herbs are gland and organ specific and are crucial in clearing and strengthening these tissues. The use of botanicals can not be downplayed, and when used appropriately may cut the time of detox approximately in half.  An herbal protocol will be recommended on an individual basis.

Complete, long-term Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration is a lifestyle rather than a diet. Other lifestyle recommendations such as meditation, massage, saunas, skin brushing, organ flushes, specific types of exercise like stretching,  swimming, T'ai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gung, etc., are also suggested and will be discussed in more detail on a personal level. The use of "Cardio" and Resistance training regimens should be avoided in strict detox, and are only recommended in less serious situations and designed on a case by case basis. All programs are tailored to the individual.

Spinal alignments via manual Chiropractic adjustments are also available to better ensure proper nerve function and overall health. If the individual is already under the care of a Chiropractor,  it is recommended that they continue care with that Doctor. If not, that is one of our specialties and we will provide that service (No chg. for the first two visits).

If you are under the care of a Health Care professional or a Mental Health Care professional, we highly recommend that you continue under their care. There will be some physical and psychological issues to deal with, especially during the "Healing Crisis" of Detoxification. It is always helpful to be monitored by multiple eyes and ears.

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Foods to avoid during Detox:

Some fruit categories in the diet are: 

Positive side effects of Detox:

Spinal Alignment:


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Better organ function, stronger immunity,  atypical cell elimination, renewed hair growth, clearer eyes (there are only blue or brown eyes, green or hazel eyes will become bluer), softer skin and skin rejuvenation such as scar/burn healing, improved memory, improved digestion, increased energy, improved genetic potential of future offspring, regeneration of all cells/tissues/organs of the entire body, etc., etc., etc.

New Life Detox.... Safe, Proven, Effective,  Alternative system of care for reversal of: Arthritis,  Cancer, Diabetes, Heart  Disease, HIV/AIDS, Herpes (all Viral loads & STDs), Thyroid disorders and more. 

Restoring Health Naturally through basic Chemistry... Alkaline vs. Acid

It has been known since the 1920's that certain foods cause an acidic environment in our bodies (i.e. the byproduct of animal protein metabolism is sulfuric acid, as one example), and it is widely admitted, even by the American Cancer Society, that Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. This is true of other disorders as well, including viruses such as HIV, HSV II, as well as microbial or general parasites, etc. In fact,  most "dis-eases" can somehow or another be traced back to an over-acid environment in the tissue. (Some may de associated with deficiencies, which is an additional broad topic.) Case in point, Type I Diabetes in most instances is a result of acid-damaged Beta cells in the Pancreas.  Examples of this situation are too numerous too mention (on our home page one can view the list of disorders that can be normalized with alkalization and regeneration through nutrition and herbal protocols).

As an alternative approach, a specific alkalizing diet and an array of herbal formulas are recommended to optimize results. We use a time tested, proven system to decrease acidosis (the cause of dis-ease), improve gland and organ function and restore overall health. It is via the astringent and energizing qualities of certain acid and sub-acid fruits and specific, powerful, herbal formulas that normal function can be restored to the necessary glands and organs. An especially strong focus is placed on restoring Kidney (and Adrenal) function as they are vital in clearing the Lymphatic system, as well as the Gastrointestinal system, as these organs are also important in eliminating acidosis.

Everyone's first visit starts with a comprehensive assessment and questionnaire, and other diagnostics. We take the time to evaluate the unique challenges that may be present, so that a custom program of detoxification and cellular regeneration can be created. 
Most Important:

The challenge with Detoxification is not understanding what foods to eat and what not to eat, that information is very basic. It is finding that delicate balance, when the individual is experiencing a powerful healing crisis, and knowing what foods to eat at what time, and how to slow the detox or speed it up at that critical time, as well as how to change the herbal protocol appropriately. It is only through years of experience and going through Detox ourselves that this wisdom is attained. That is the reason for maintaining frequent contact with the client, more so than the typical health professional.

Those interested in true health are first assessed using several non-invasive techniques such as: iridology, urinalysis, basal temperature,  saliva swab, and a comprehensive questionaire. Blood work is optional, and all are welcome to bring their own lab results from outside sources (We do not do blood work in house).
The alkalization diet consists of a high percentage of acid and sub-acid fruit in most serious cases. For more extreme situations there may be a fruit fast recommended (without the vegetables) so as to speed up the detox.  In less serious cases, it may be suggested that a cooked vegetable be eaten at night as long as it's recognized that this will slow the detox.  The same is true, and moreso, of any starches that are consumed such as rice, potatoes, etc., and this is generally not recommended during strict detox. Less serious cases have more flexibility and that will be explained in detail on the first visit as well as subsequent contact via text, Skype, etc.


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The Herbal Protocol (The "Other Half" of Detox):

Acid-most astringent (clearing)
Sub acid-less astringent
Sweet-nutrifying but less clearing

A complete list of fruits in each category will be given on the first visit in our Detox Manual (a $40 value, which is included in the initial visit at no additional charge).