Q: How much does it cost?

A: Compared to an allopathic approach of long term medication (over months, years or a lifetime), surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, the cost of detoxification is relatively reasonable.

At New Life Detox Center/New York Detox, our fees are as follows (until Jan.1, 2017):
Initial assessment: (up to 2 hrs., a one-time fee) Text our contact number for pricing:  516-526-2793

Follow up visits: $50.00 (1/2 hr) every two months or as requested (at least one follow-up is recommended for iridology analysis review, etc.)
Update Protocol: $30.00 bi-monthly or as needed

Refunds: We are sorry, but our time is valuable and we do not offer refunds for services already rendered. 

Cancellation Fee: If, due to circumstances, one must cancel an appointment please give us 48 hours notice. There is a 50% cancellation fee if there is no new appointment made at the time of late cancellation. 

Herbs: the cost of an herbal protocol varies widely case to case, and also depends on the individuals needs as well as their financial capacity. Costs can range from under $100 up to over $300 per month, depending on the situation. That being said, we have seen some minor cases use a very strict diet and have great success with little use of herbs. Most serious cases, however, require a significant herbal protocol. The use of herbs accelerates the process of detoxification while at the same time strengthening and cleaning the glands and organs, along with a list of numerous other benefits. We do not produce our own formulas at this time. However we are distributors for the highest quality botanical company we could find anywhere in the world.

(There are no refunds for herbs once the order has been placed)

Q: Are there any age restrictions?

A: No, any age,  gender and body type can benefit from detoxification and cellular regeneration. From infant to the elderly, there are no harmful side effects. Infants may be limited only by the number of herbs they can take at one time.​

Q: Is fruit "food" for Cancer?

A: This is another misconception. Yes, like any sugar, fructose feeds the cells, but it is the acidosis of the cells and organs which promotes the spread of cancer cells. It is now common knowledge that cancer will not thrive in an alkaline environment (According to the American Cancer Society) Therefore: Alkalize through fruit consumption.

Q: What issues can Detoxification help?

A: This system of Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration can be considered a natural alternative/adjunct or natural approach for many disorders. There has been great success with detoxification and Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Atherosclerosis. Detox has been used with positive results for Lung issues such as Asthma and Bronchitis, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), as well as Emphysema. We have had great success with most Cancers and Tumors or Cysts. Numerous Digestive disorders have also shown improvement such as Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome aka IBS, as well as Acid Reflux and other digestive issues. Chronic Fatigue and cases of low energy have seen improvement with detox. Our system of detoxification has aided people with Neck and Back pain and other musculoskeletal issues such as Disc Pathologies and Scoliosis as well as Spinal misalignments aka Subluxations and other disorders (although we recommend these cases continue care under their Chiropractor to maintain alignment). Type II Diabetes has shown to be a malady that gets relatively fast results with detoxification as well as Type I Diabetes with the latter requiring more time and supervision depending on how long the case has been ongoing. A host of autoimmune disorders have shown great improvement under our detox program such as Fibromyalgia and Lupus Erythematosus as well as Lyme's Disease to name a few. Those with Heart Disease as well as Hypertension and Hypotension (high and low blood pressure) can also look forward to improvement under detoxification.  We specialize in Viral loads such as HIV/AIDS and HSV I and HSV II (also known as Herpes I and Herpes II) with these cases normally having significant results under detoxification if the protocol is followed accordingly. All Sexually Transmitted Diseases (also called STD's), show positive results under our detox program. In recent years there has been an increase in cases of Thyroid issues, specifically Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid as well as other common Thyroid disorders such as Grave's disease and Hashimoto's disease to name a few that have seen great improvement under detoxification. Those with Memory problems and "Brain Fog" also have great benefit with detox. Those with Mental issues like Addictions and ADD and ADHD also see improvement, as well, with detoxification and we have seen cases with Anger issues and Anxiety and Depression also normalize. Other Mental issues such as Fear and Phobias as well as Stress and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to name a few, have also seen the benefit of detoxification. Cases of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) have been dramatically improved with detoxification. Nerve problems like Radicular pain and Sciatica as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have all shown promise with detox.  More serious Neurological cases such as those who are Paraplegic and Quadraplegic have seen surprising results if they stick to the recommended diet and herbal protocol in the detox program. Body weight issues like Obesity and Overweight or Underweight cases seem to be fairly easy cases to deal with within detox assuming they are not tied to deeper glandular issues (for example the Thyroid), which they sometimes are. Repetitive Strain Injuries normally have good results under detox. Among some of the more interesting cases that normalize with detoxification are Sexual Dysfunction cases and Reproductive Disorders such as Menstrual Issues and Erectile Dysfunction as well as Pregnancy Issues and others. We've seen great results with Skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema as well as Acne, etc., with our detox program. Heart rate issues such as Tachycardia and Bradycardia (fast or slow heart rate) can also benefit from a good detoxification and Weak Kidneys and Adrenal glands have been turned around from a deep detox. We've also seen improvement in Vision problems and Hearing issues with detoxification. The complete list of maladies that can be addressed with detoxification are too numerous to mention here. Simply assume that the human condition will always benefit from alkalization.

(Note: It has been proven scientifically by John Hopkins University that humans are essentially frugivores, and not omnivores, as some would have us believe. Simply compare our genetics and physical structure: teeth, nails, digestive system, etc. to our closest relatives, the primates, and examine their dietary habits.  Also, when in the process of healing, and in daily life, the energy level of our food is vital. The electrical energy of fruit is measured at the highest:  9,000-12,000 angstroms. Animal protein: 0 angstroms).

Q: Is fruit bad for Candida?

A: Yet another common misconception. No, a simple sugar such as fructose has little effect on the propagation of Candida Albicans or any yeast/fungus. It is the complex sugars/starches that are more difficult for our digestive tracts to break down that become food for Candida.

Q: How is this detox program different than others that are out there? 

A: Our system has been proven effective in a wide variety of illnesses, with a high success rate . We recommend a dietary system of predominantly raw fruit to alkalize and regenerate the entire body, and specific herbs that focus on crucial glands and organs, to get the necessary results. Other programs focus on green juices and other unproven measures that may work on a minor level, with limited results, that are much slower and ineffective in serious cases.  We use a system of Alkalization that is time-proven and effective, with countless cases showing pre and post blood work as evidence of improvement and normalization.

Q: Why is the cost the same, whether I have Stage Four Cancer or a less life-threatening issue like Herpes-II ?

Give Us a Call: (516) 526-2793

Q: Is fruit harmful for Diabetics?

A: No, this is a common myth. Fructose, the sugar in fruit,  does not affect insulin levels as it crosses the cell membrane via simple diffusion and does require insulin to aid in transport for use as fuel for the cells. Furthermore, diabetics can truly benefit from the alkalization effect of a predominantly fruit diet as this will ultimately regenerate the Beta cells of the Pancreas and restore normal insulin production.

Frequently Asked Questions

from Detox Clients

The cost is the same for an initial exam for everyone, because the amount of work for us during the initial is about the same for each case. It is when a difficult case has to return for several follow-up visits that their cost may increase beyond that of a minor case. In addition, ALL cases get the equal benefit of improving their immune system which will eventually lead to removal of atypical cells, ability to quickly reduce viral loads, regenerate all cells/tissue/organs, etc. These are additional benefits for ALL clients.

Q: Can I just take the herbs and not do the diet part?

A: No, the alkalization diet is the most important part of detox and cannot be avoided. The herbal protocol is extremely important, but it will not be effective without alkalization.

Q: Is the diet used by New Life Detox Center/New York Detoxification Specialists a drug and alcohol detox program?

A: This alternative system of Alkalization was not intended to be solely a drug and alcohol program, as many programs are that claim to "detox".  That being said, as a result of following this system, the individual will remove all harmful toxins, chemicals, acids, heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc), from the body,  as well as any "illicit drugs".  Any mental issues that are suffered will also improve with time as these are predominantly endocrine gland-related and we focus on getting the glandular system back on line as a priority.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The time it takes to detox varies widely from person to person,  but be prepared to spend a minimum of several months (4 mo's to a year), or more for serious cases. Cases such as Type I Diabetes, Bone cancers, Neurological issues generally take longer, and may require one year or more to see improvement in their situation.  Keep in mind these cases will experience other side benefits along the way as in all detox cases. Surprisingly, certain cancers may detox rather quickly (in only a few months if the detox is deep), and some viruses may see improvement in blood work, also, in only a few months. This all depends on the severity of the case and the will and energy of the individual. Keep in mind though that "clear" blood work does not necessarily mean that it's time to quit the detox. Viruses are "devious entities" and can be hiding, dormant, deep within the cells,  parasites or their eggs. (Most humans have parasites of some kind. We have a system to deal with this issue.)

Q: What is Cellular Regeneration?

A: If one follows the Detoxification program long enough and deep enough what follows will be a regeneration of all the cells, tissues, organs and glands of the body due to "Genetic Remembering" of Cells. This is a main benefit of Detox and should not be overlooked. This means new cells and a new body for the individual. A body free of dis-ease and all the inherited or genetic weaknesses of our parents. A healthy body and mind that can be passed on via procreation to future generations without reservation.


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