PRIVACY:  While we are already aware of the importance of privacy for our clients, we also understand that in special instances, discretion is very important to the individual and we have special locations alloted for these situations with limited or no staff, upon request. Numerous high-profile individuals have requested this in the past, so please do not hesitate to inquire if you have special circumstances. If you require Security Personnel and would prefer not to use your own for reasons of discretion or otherwise, we can provide this service at a reasonable cost.

Give Us a Call: (516) 526-2793

"Special times"(Additional hours): Being an entrepreneur, Dr. Rich reserves the right to allow those with special time constraints and the available funds, to receive faster appointments, when available. This does not affect, move or displace those who have already made appointments. He simply has allotted certain hours of his free time twice per month for these cases. There is, of course, an increased rate for these time slots. Inquiries are welcome. 

For the best response in requesting an appointment at New Life Detox Center...

TEXT: "detox/first name" to: 516-526-2793


New York Detoxification Specialists and International Detox 

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International: Skype appointments available

We are very busy handling the health issues of many. Our voice mail fills up fast when we are not in the office, so please be patient in getting through to us. It is our "calling" and our pleasure to help you,  so don't hesitate to send a request or inquiry about ANYTHING.  We understand that Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration is a topic most are unfamiliar with,  so don't be shy. All inquiries and personal information are kept HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL.
Hours:  Mon-Sun  8 am-8 pm
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*House Calls available for Special Circumstances

Refunds: We are sorry, but our time and the time of our other members is valuable, therefore we no not offer refunds for services rendered or herbal orders once they are made.

Cancellations: There is a 50% cancelation fee for cancelled appointments without 2 weeks notice. So don't cancel... you are taking up space for someone who needs it.