Hola Dr. Rich,

Es una benedicion de Dios de conocerlo.

Jehova lo usa para mejorar mi salud y mis alergias con tan solo cuatro meses in el programa de desintoxificacion.  Todavía tengo un largo camino que correr.

Sinceramente,   C. H.,  Republica Dominicana

"Hello to my friends at New Life Detox, thanks for your help with my detox program. I am so happy with my results. Someone told me it was the fastest so far for my problem, only 3 months an 5 days to be negative of H** II. My doctor said is not possible but you should have seen his face when he was looking at my test.  He asked me what I did and I said I ate only the fruit that they told me was ok to eat and some vegetables and they told me what herbs to take and some herbal tea every day and not to eat meat. He wants more information now. Anyway this helped a lot of other problems I had like my bowel movements and my period pain and some other things too like my hair. It's is so soft and my skin too. Also I lost my belly fat that I had almost four years after my pregnancy.  So I am going to stay with the program and regenerate everything that I can like you say.  You have my permission to use my letter for your testimonials letters. I hope other people will read this and try the program. It's the best. Very many thanks and thanks to God"                                                                                                                 M.T.,  N.Y., N.Y.

Since my last testimony 2 more tests came negative and my guy too. My doctor says its dormant or a placibo? or mind over matter.. LOL  If thats true everyone should try it.     M.T., N.Y. N.Y.                                                                                                                     

"Special thanks and love to all our wonderful friends who took the time to write such kind words about us. There are so many of you who contributed and we appreciate it immensely. We will post more testimonials as we have time. Thanks again to all of you, and to those of you yet to come into our lives.  God bless, and, Hakuiki hitotsu ni mo seimei ga yadori... "Live.... with life in every breath!"                                                                                Rich

"I don't know where to start. What do you say to people who changed your life and saved a life of misery? This was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do and it is still a roller coaster of emotions but it was worth all the pain and effort and all the healing crisis. I'm now free of that affliction that was on my back and always in the back of my mind. That "dis-ease" as you call it. Now I know there is no such thing. This has been a spiritual journey as much as it was a physical one. I know it's not over but I'm so thankful for everything you people have done for me. All the extra time spent on the phone. The free advice and tips, and all the guidance and love and support along the way. It's so different from what I was used to. When my last lab test came back I couldn't believe it. I cried tears of joy. After years and years of living with this. Finally I feel free from the stress and the endless medicating and I can have a normal relationship again. God bless you always and may the angels watch over you from heaven. Please use my story if it will help others. Thank you again Dr. Rich and staff and since you like to hear the French, Dieu vous benisse tour et je vous remerci beaucoup!"                            B.J.B.,  Brooklyn, N.Y.


"Hey and a big happy thanks to all of you at New Life detox.  You all heard about my lab work.! Also all my digestive problems,  my psoriasis, and everything else is clearing up too. Amazing how this detox stuff works. I have so much energy I can't sit still and I hardly sleep but I'm not tired at all. It was tough sometimes but I made it. I'm gonna keep going. Thanks again Dr. Rich and staff, you guys and girls are great!"                                 Steve Tilles.,  N.Y., N.Y.

There are No Diseases!

[ Translation:  I want to share with everyone, 

How I'm feeling to make the decision to be following Dr. Richie's recommendations. I am from the nationality Dominican. For us it is difficult to make a decision to stop eating my native food, and to start with a different  healthy food. At the beginning we think it is difficult to eat different food because we are not used to it. The good point we receive is immediately stop feeling tired and have no pain.  For me the method of detoxification was so important because it helped me go to the bathroom. Before, I didn't use the bathroom for 8 days, and my pain is decreasing.  I don't feel depressed or tired. The health problem that I have, even my when I go to my general doctor, I don't feel as good as how I feel with Dr. Rich. My other medical problems are also gone away. The last few months that I have been using the herbal formulas it has helped me a lot. 

Spend time with life worth.

Thanks Dr. Richard                                                                                                                                      Nathaly.G. Queens N.Y.   ]                                                                               

​​"Thanks and God bless you Dr. Rich and all of you at New Life Detox. After 3 months and 2 days my blood work came back negative. I was seriously sweating waiting those 48 hours for the results. My Doctor was in shock and said it was impossible to reverse what I had but the pre and post tests don't lie. Thank you to you there that walk the walk and for your patience on the phone and herbal advice. By the way got some peach fuzz showing after 20+ years of baldness. I know I have more work. I'm gonna stick it out till my adrenals kick back on 100% and I'm filtering fully, and hopefully I'll grow more hair also. See you next month."                                                                                                       J.P., Bronx, NY ​​


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[ Translation:   Hi Dr. Rich, 

It is a blessing from god to meet you.

God used you to help me recover from many allergies with only 4 months in the detox program.  I still have a long way to go.

Sincerely,  C.H.,  Dominican Republic ]

Dear Dr. Rich, thank you for all your help and support regarding my father over the last 2 years. As you know it's been a year and 9 months since they (M.S.K.Hospital) sent my dad home with stage four lung cancer, with no hope and told us he had about three months to live. Thank God Janet referred me to you. He is still alive and doing great. He is now off the feeding tube and eating on his own, although his voice isn't quite back to normal. Diagnostics show no sign of lung or prostate cancer, that's the important thing. I am so angry with those who led us done the path of destruction but as you said I'm trying to let it go and focus on the good. It was such a difficult process, but you were so helpful. We still have more to do, but now we have hope where there was none. Thank you again, and God bless you always. Please use our story. Love and best wishes,   Robert and Jean Guerrier.,  Kings Point, N.Y.

Quiero compartir con ustedes.

Como me siento después de aver tomado la decisión de seguir cada uno de los pasos del Dr. Richie. Soy de nacionalidad Dominicana. Para nosotros es difícil tomar la decisión de dejar de comer nuestra comida para empesar con algo realmente saludable. Al momento de empesar pensamos en lo dificil que sera con la comida porque no estamos acostumbrados a ese tipo de alimentación. Los puntos bueno que recivimos es que nos damos cuenta de inmediato porque dejamos de sentir El Cansancio,Los Dolores. El metodo de Desintoxicacion para mi a sido de suma importancia ya que me a ayudado lo suficiente. Anterior mente no usaba el Baño y cuando lo hacia era cada 8 días con el tiempo los dolores a hido disminuyendo no me siento depresiva ni cansada todos estos síntomas. El problema de salud que tengo ni con mis medicos generales que tengo e sentido la mejoria que tengo como la tengo con el Dr. Rich. Me otros problemas medicos también han mejorados.

Estos últimos mese que tengo tratando sus medicinas naturales y todas sus indicaciones mean ayudado bastante. 

Dedicarle tiempo  Nuestras vida vale la pena. 

Gracias Dr.Richard                                                                                                                                      Nathaly.G. Queens N.Y.